“Shaped by the Sea,” a Fashion Film by LAMYNA for Il Bussetto

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One curious object traveling through time as it is passed on from generation to generation, interconnecting different life stories, beautifully aging while at the same time retaining a sense of timelessness. The young directors duo LAMYNA sketches an emotionally engaging portrait of a man and his memories in their new fashion film Shaped by the Sea. The film defines an essence of luxury which is inherently durable and personal. Through poetic visuals the values of the luxury accessories brand Il Bussetto are communicated through emotional and sensorial engagement, creating a meaningful story about the kind of self-realization that comes with age.

“Shaped by the Sea is a journey through a man’s memories. Looking through mementos of the man’s past, this film is a jump into a series of events that have shaped his and his son’s heart. This film stands as the journey that every man makes at one point in his life, a search for one’s identity filled with excitement, anticipation and wonder. It’s the nostalgic feeling of what has been, of past love story comfortable in your knowledge that this journey has led you to the confident man you’ve become.”

The beauty of the film lies in the fact that the elegantly crafted leather pouch forms the heart of the film around which the story fragmentarily unfolds. Instead of a direct sale approach, the product is the starting point for communicating the values and personality of the brand through emotional storytelling, states Niccolò Montanari, fashion film and video consultant and co-founder of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

Two aspects are very clearly accentuated as part of a conception of “luxury” in Shaped by the Sea – both of which seem to be already in the title. First is the notion of craftmanship, the creation of ‘small leather goods devoid of any seams, moulded together through a unique Tuscan leather craft technique,’ a fluid process which ‘allows for no weak points, making each piece strong, resistant and durable.’ Luxury here is defined in terms of the attention and care that was given to create an individual product, which ensure both the quality and certain uniqueness of each item.

Another aspect is that the product gets to be shaped as it is aging with its wearer, like a rock in the sea always being refined and polished by the constant flow of water. Fashion and accessories as objects we live in and with become closely connected to an individual’s life as they travel with us over longer periods of time – sometimes even across generations. This way our clothes or gadgets can become infused with meaningful memories, creating a stronger emotional product-person attachment that can make an item last for over a lifetime. Unlike negative associations with aging as an eroding or degrading process, which is very much present in the world of fashion, Shaped by the Sea instead highlights the beauty and value of this natural process as it results in wisdom and a deeper sense of emotional fulfillment.

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