I started Undressing Fashion Film in order to initiate a debate around the richness of moving fashion imagery in today’s digital environment. The blog proposes a platform for in-depth analysis of fashion film culture, with the purpose of exploring how the fashion film as a new genre is changing perceptions of fashion through film and digital culture.

With a multidisciplinary background in media, film and theatre studies, I completed my international research master in cinema and audiovisual studies at the University of Amsterdam, having studied at multiple universities in Montreal, Paris, and Lille. My master thesis, “Conceptualizing the Fashion Film: The Issue of Sustainability in Fashion and the Fashion Film Festival,” interrogated the connection between the rise of the fashion film genre and the growing public awareness of ethical and unsustainable issues within the (fast) fashion industry. The aim was to demonstrate how the contemporary online fashion film is capable of shifting perspectives on fashion, which can be further enhanced by the worldwide upcoming network of fashion film festivals.

Janneke van der Linden




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