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Kenzo’s “Music is my Mistress”: Reinventing ‘African cinema’ through fashion film?

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One of the fashion industry’s problems has always been the underrepresentation of different ethnicities. Even though the awareness is there, many catwalk shows are still predominantly white, an issue which is only slowly changing. The same holds true for the canon of film, which is mostly decided by (straight) white men. In an interview with TorontoVerve, Toronto International Fashion Film programmer Kiva Reardon said: “If you have a knowledge of female filmmakers, queer filmmakers, African or Asian […]

Vanguards & Visionaries

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“It’s funny there are so many people from abroad in this city. Every one of them looking for something that makes them stand out from all the rest. What are you doing here? What are you looking for? What is it that you’re good at?” These are questions we’ve all asked ourselves at least once in our lives. But for many young creatives, it is part of daily life. With technology becoming more widely available, and the […]

Fashion & Sports: Interview Glen MacKay

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GYMNAST is a fashion film about dedication, willpower, obstacles and finding balance. It is a portrait of the Greek fashion and sports lover Vasiliki Millousi who has competed several times in the Olympic games. I asked the director Glen MacKay about his ideas behind the film as well as the value of fashion in film, and he gives free some behind-the-scenes shots of the film production.

The meaning of fashion film?

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Kenzo / Partel Oliva / Uncategorized

Once again Kenzo, a pioneering brand in the fashion film world, is coming out with a new short. Narrative this time, just like Snowbird, that won the “Best Film for a Major Brand” award at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. Sun to Sun is a modern cinematic translation of the famous Japanese fairy tale “Momotaro”, often translated as “peach boy.” But Momotaro is a girl this time, telling a whole different story of female emancipation – through fashion.

The “liquid” universe of the digital fashion film

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Kevin Frilet / Uncategorized

Under is a film about depths. About being completely indulged in our surrounding. It’s about touch, connection, and love. And about being alone. It’s about our barest bodies. But what’s the place of fashion? “Up there the light is white. Bodies fall from the surface. The water is bright, seems alive. Down there, from the abyss, darkness reigns. There she will deploy as for the first time. It’s there, amid the darkness, that will appear another form, […]