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“Shaped by the Sea,” a Fashion Film by LAMYNA for Il Bussetto

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One curious object traveling through time as it is passed on from generation to generation, interconnecting different life stories, beautifully aging while at the same time retaining a sense of timelessness. The young directors duo LAMYNA sketches an emotionally engaging portrait of a man and his memories in their new fashion film Shaped by the Sea. The film defines an essence of luxury which is inherently durable and personal. Through poetic visuals the values of the luxury accessories […]

Mixing genres: fashion film and music video

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CANADA / Tame Impala

CANADA’s clip for the psychedelic rock band Tame Impala recently won the best music video award at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2016 (discover all winners). Now this might seem confusing – why would a fashion film festival hand out awards to music videos? There exist already a large variety of music video awards, such as the one in Berlin who equally awarded The Less I Know The Better with a second place. So what is the difference between a music […]

The Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2016 offers great potentials

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berlin fashion film festival

 Watch for a short impression of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival in 2015 And now, in 2016, the festival has developed into a two-day long gathering of not only film screenings, but also talks, case studies, panel discussions, masterclasses, expositions and network-oriented “speed dating”… The fifth edition is more diverse than ever. For an extremely young and still very much developing film genre that has come into existence through the online world, it is a challenge […]