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The Worst Crime Is Faking It

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Nick Knight

One of the earliest fashion film directors must be Nick Knight, whose approach to the genre has been greatly influenced by his background as a photographer. The reason he moved to fashion film, Knight explains in a video, is that the moving image is able to show a designer’s idea much more completely, since garments are always designed to be worn, and thus to be seen in movement. His fashion films have therefore evolved around the physical fashion […]

That One Day: An Antidote to Fast Fashion

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Crystal Moselle / Miu Miu

More and more filmmakers, at home in all kinds of different genres (see previous article), are getting involved with fashion film. Here we have Crystal Moselle, a young filmmaker who recently debuted with her award-winning documentary The Wolfpack (2015). Like The Wolfpack, That One Day, which is the 12th film in Miu Miu’s series Women’s Tales, came about through Crystal’s intrigue of a group of young adults passing by on the streets. Why is their story worth telling through the […]

Fashion in the digital age

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Prada – one of the top leaders when it comes to fashion films. Experimenting with many different kinds of fashion film, Prada has developed very diverse films of great cinematic quality. Highlights are A Therapy directed by Roman Polanski, Castello Cavalcanti by Wes Anderson, the animated shorts Inside Me and Trembled Blossom by James Lima, and the bricolage-like series “The Real Fantasies” (see all Prada films here). As with every season, for the FW16 Prada came with a new film, this time changing up the more […]

The limits of fashion film?

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Salvador Dali / Walt Disney

“So what is fashion film?” is probably the most frequently asked question regarding this new, upcoming and still developing film genre. Generally the answer lies somewhere along the lines of a short film that is inspired by fashion, either by featuring it or recreating the overall feeling or philosophy of a certain fashion brand or movement. This results in a great variety of films made by diverse filmmakers and in different contexts that are in […]

Film can change the fashion industry

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Self Edge / The Osaka 5

Film can change the fashion industry, because its powerful aesthetic and storytelling qualities are able to emotionally engage with our pre-programmed mindsets. In a modern world in which the measurement of progress is always reducible to terms of money, the fast and cheap production and consumption of fashion has become the norm – together with all of its disastrous and “inevitable” social and environmental issues. And no one is necessarily to blame for that. It […]

Fashion & Sports: Interview Glen MacKay

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Glen MacKay / Uncategorized

GYMNAST is a fashion film about dedication, willpower, obstacles and finding balance. It is a portrait of the Greek fashion and sports lover Vasiliki Millousi who has competed several times in the Olympic games. I asked the director Glen MacKay about his ideas behind the film as well as the value of fashion in film, and he gives free some behind-the-scenes shots of the film production.

The meaning of fashion film?

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Kenzo / Partel Oliva / Uncategorized

Once again Kenzo, a pioneering brand in the fashion film world, is coming out with a new short. Narrative this time, just like Snowbird, that won the “Best Film for a Major Brand” award at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. Sun to Sun is a modern cinematic translation of the famous Japanese fairy tale “Momotaro”, often translated as “peach boy.” But Momotaro is a girl this time, telling a whole different story of female emancipation – through fashion.

Why the fashion film is a new medium

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Beats by Dre / Nick Knight

Beats by Dre has teamed up with Nick Knight and fashion stylist and director of W Magazine Edward Enninful to create The Seven Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful, “a celebration of both Enninful’s illustrious career and the interplay between fashion and music.” The seven sins are represented by eight iconic top models (gluttony required two): Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Anna Ewers, Jourdan Dunn, Maria Carla Boscano and Karen Elson. Highly intriguing, yet occasionally at the point […]