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The meaning of fashion film?

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Kenzo / Partel Oliva / Uncategorized

Once again Kenzo, a pioneering brand in the fashion film world, is coming out with a new short. Narrative this time, just like Snowbird, that won the “Best Film for a Major Brand” award at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival. Sun to Sun is a modern cinematic translation of the famous Japanese fairy tale “Momotaro”, often translated as “peach boy.” But Momotaro is a girl this time, telling a whole different story of female emancipation – through fashion. Advertisements

Why the fashion film is a new medium

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Beats by Dre / Nick Knight

Beats by Dre has teamed up with Nick Knight and fashion stylist and director of W Magazine Edward Enninful to create The Seven Deadly Sins of Edward Enninful, “a celebration of both Enninful’s illustrious career and the interplay between fashion and music.” The seven sins are represented by eight iconic top models (gluttony required two): Karlie Kloss, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Anna Ewers, Jourdan Dunn, Maria Carla Boscano and Karen Elson. Highly intriguing, yet occasionally at the point […]

Mixing genres: fashion film and music video

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CANADA / Tame Impala

CANADA’s clip for the psychedelic rock band Tame Impala recently won the best music video award at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2016 (discover all winners). Now this might seem confusing – why would a fashion film festival hand out awards to music videos? There exist already a large variety of music video awards, such as the one in Berlin who equally awarded The Less I Know The Better with a second place. So what is the difference between a music […]

The Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2016 offers great potentials

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berlin fashion film festival

 Watch for a short impression of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival in 2015 And now, in 2016, the festival has developed into a two-day long gathering of not only film screenings, but also talks, case studies, panel discussions, masterclasses, expositions and network-oriented “speed dating”… The fifth edition is more diverse than ever. For an extremely young and still very much developing film genre that has come into existence through the online world, it is a challenge […]

Fashion film through the eyes of the director: Boldizsár CR

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Boldizsar CR / Tory Burch / Vogue

A “phone call, a mysterious note, a bouquet of peonies and the scenic city of Venice…” This is the atmosphere of Boldizsár’s The Painting, a fashion film collaboration with Vogue Italia starring Elisa Sednaoui Dellal and Tory’s tapestry print from Fall 2015. I spoke with him about his first grand fashion film debut, the creative process and the love for film. Continue reading for an exclusive sneak-peek into the brainstorm and storyboard process.

Fashion loves perfume

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Christopher Brosius / I hate perfume

Perfume is a fundamental part of the fashion industry. Basically every major fashion house has its own fragrance(s), preferably an updated version every year (or more). Fragrance and make-up account for most of the couture-house’s sales and are therefore an important source of income that keeps the business rolling. At the same time, it gives the bigger public access to the exclusivity of those high fashion brands: if you can’t afford the clothing, which is significantly more expensive, you […]

Opera on acid: make-up in fashion film

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Chris Chang / MAC

Make-up and fashion: they seem to be always inextricably linked. With every season, a new make-up look, endlessly paraphrasing itself in waves throughout make-up history. With every trend, an opposed reaction. Interestingly, M.A.C’s spring 2016 collaboration with fashion designer Chris Chang seems to be an abundant counter aesthetics towards the “mainstream” or conformist normcore trend. But except for a visually interesting image, why could “extreme” forms of maquillage be considered beautiful?

Is H&M going to save the world?

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H&M / Philippe Tempelman

Last week H&M introduced its so-called World Recycle Week, calling all H&M customers to visit their stores and bring with them their unwanted clothes no matter the brand, so that they could be reused and recycled. They clearly saved a large budget for their teaming up with pop-star and fashion fanatic M.I.A. (wearing a top from the past designer collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela), resulting in this swinging fashion film/video clip. All for that one special week, in order […]